ActiveOne Four Pillar Programs

  1. Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Pillar promotes healthy behaviors as first line approach in the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases with a healthy workplace in mind. It follows the proven combination of three models using medical manage- ment, education, and counseling.
  1. Ergonomics Pillar Program promotes a hassle and pain-free workplace. This is achieved through workplace re design and client training. Basic ergonomic skills are learned in the process hence there is empowered awareness. The end goal is to achieve workplace efficiency ergonomic wise.
  1. Infection-free Workplace Pillar Program promotes proactive approach in managing workplace infectious illnesses. This is delivered through both administrative and medical intervention. A robust Sick Leave and Fitness to Work Process in place, plus relevant vaccination programs can lessen the top causes of sick leaves significantly.
  1. Stress and Performance Pillar Program promotes healthy ways of adapting to stress. Psychology’s inverted “U” curve dictates that performance increases with physiological and mental stimulation, but only up to a certain point. When levels of stimulation become too high, performance decreases. Every individual has limits. That fine line may however be influenced positively with better adaptation.