Fortifying Employee Wellness Through Online Pharmacy

One click to a better health – ActiveOne Rx, the online pharmacy platform of ActiveOne Health, conducted its most recent activation event this past August 11th at the TeleTech Manila Bay Supersite. TeleTech employees registered during the event to gain access to the web-based pharmacy and were assisted by the ActiveOne Rx team in making their first online purchases. Registered employees of ActiveOne Rx’s institutional clients are able to buy prescription and non-prescription medicines and other supplies via at prices which are between 5-10% lower than their neighbourhood botika. They can do this while never having to leave their office and home through their computers and mobile devices.

ActiveOne Rx is a platform which supports ActiveOne Health’s advocacy as architects of healthier workplaces. Moses Narvas, Senior Benefits Analyst of TeleTech says – “we wanted another avenue added up for employees to get on their medicines. We want them prioritizing their health as early as possible especially with the shifting work hours their bodies have to adapt to.”

TeleTech’s employee analysis profile points to illnesses such as fever, body pain and flu as the most common among their employees. These can be easily addressed through over the counter medicines available on Mr. Navas adds – “we chose ActiveOne Rx because of its stability, the people behind it as well as the products that are made available to our employees via the website. We want our employees to maximize ActiveOneRx’s products especially since most of them are too busy to go to a clinic. We want to offer them medicines to immediately treat their minor illnesses without the hassle. We are confident it will have the effect of reducing the absence rate of our employees which is one goal of this partnership.”

ActiveOne Rx also took this opportunity to again announce improvements to the online pharmacy service. “We have improved the product delivery commitment time from 3 days to delivery within 24 hours,” said Anna Cerys Mesa, Sales Channel Officer of ActiveOne Rx. Further enhancements in place include the acceptance of credit cards and debit cards for purchases. Mesa added “we want employees to make it a habit to orders their medicines, their vitamins and other similar needs from us so we can help them focus and perform well.”

ActiveOne Rx is an online pharmacy managed by ActiveOne Health, Inc., a subsidiary of Reliance Health Services, Inc. (RHSI). RHSI is a Unilab company. ActiveOne Health is headquartered at the Port Royal Place, 118 Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati.