Health Metrics

HealthMetrics® is a web-based software installed on a secure web server and is accessed through a standard internet connection, through a standard-issue clinic based pc workstation. Security templates including password-access levels are integral to the software, as are industry standard protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure the application to only designated personnel and at designated levels of access. The HealthMetrics system also utilizes the WHO recommended ICD‐10 classification protocol for standardized documentation of diagnoses and treatments.


HealthMetrics Key Benefits Summary 

ActiveOne HealthMetrics® is a data management system that helps clients with:

• Identifying trends and perform root cause analysis for population conditions
• Managing the cost of healthcare consultations, medicine dispensing, medical supplies, laboratory and        diagnostics utilization
• Managing lost time and reduce absences in the workforce

• Ensuring that employees are fit-to-work capable of performing work tasks

• Complying with government regulations regarding occupational health

• Providing company-specific wellness and occupational health programs

• Improving efficiency and administration times

• Creating proactive & targeted health surveillance initiatives